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The Market This Week In Kensington

September 23rd, 2011, No Comments

Here is the latest realtime real estate data for Kensington as of this week. Includes information on prices, inventory, days on market and price per square foot.

The market in Ditmas Park and Midwood

July 1st, 2011, No Comments

Here is the latest realtime real estate data for the section of Ditmas Park closest to Midwood. It features data compiled through 6/24/2011 on median price, price per square foot, inventory and days on market

Looking for a home in Kensington?

May 30th, 2011, No Comments

The latest realtime real estate data for Kensington and Ditmas Park has been released.

Ditmas Park/Kensington (11218) Market Roundup

May 19th, 2011, No Comments

This week’s realtime real estate data for the zip code that includes Ditmas Park and Kensington is out. Check out the median price, days on market, inventory and price per square foot for houses on the market now.

Looking for a home in Ditmas Park/Midwood? We have the data for that

May 15th, 2011, No Comments

Here are the current basic market statistics for Ditmas Park/Midwood as of last Friday.
Also included is a chart of price trends over the last year in these neighborhoods.

Ditmas Park/Midwood Coop Prices Rise

April 8th, 2011, No Comments

The median asking price of coops in the Ditmas Park/Midwood area rose this week to $211k,while inventory continued to increase.

Price of new listings in Ditmas/Midwood falls to $900K

April 5th, 2011, No Comments

As the median price of new listings in the parts of Ditmas Park and Midwood in 11230 fell this week to $900k, the median price of listings absorbed (sold and withdrawn) sits at $9665k.     Check out my Market Statistics pages to follow these metrics.     Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend […]

Ditmas Park/Midwood sees asking prices rise as inventory falls

February 25th, 2011, No Comments

Median asking prices for homes in Ditmas Park/Midwood (11230) continued to rise this week, hitting 985k. Inventory continued its fall, losing 7% since the beginning of the year.

Coop inventory in Ditmas/Midwood down by 20% since December

February 20th, 2011, No Comments

The number of coops on the market in the Ditmas Park – Midwood zipcode fell by 20% since the December of 2010 and median asking prices fell at the same time.

Spread between new listing prices and absorbed listings grows smaller in Ditmas/Midwood

February 10th, 2011, No Comments

The difference between the price of new listings and the last advertised price of absorbed listings grew smaller this week in Ditmas Park/Midwood.

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